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Feb. 20, 2020 | Thursday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Attacks on Trudeau are more Conservative misinformation
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Dear editor:

Here we go again with letter writer George Warkentin’s attacks of misinformation, (“It’s not possible to defend actions of PM Trudeau,” Oct. 10).

Just read PM Trudeau’s biography online and his autobiography “On Common Ground” etc. His father PM Pierre Trudeau brought French and English Canada together, continued the United Nations work of PM Lester Pearson and taught his own children “how to be a good person.”

His mother Margaret graduated in political science and her father was an MP from British Columbia. Justin Trudeau’s resume includes a BA (literature) McGill (Montreal) and a bachelor of education UBC (Vancouver). He taught mathamatics and French etc. at a private Vancouver school.

Back in Montreal, he studied engineering and environmental geography briefly before being persuaded to enter politics. He starred in a CBC-TV mini series “The Great War,” portraying his distant cousin Maj. Talbot Papineau, who was killed in 1917. He advocated for winter sports safety after his brother died in an avalanche, chaired the Katimavik volunteer youth program  and started the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict studies at the University of Toronto.

By contrast, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer worked a short time as an insurance agent before entering political life.

Mr. Warkentin also wonders about the long-term social effects of legalizing marijuana. Maybe marijuana’s toxic effects will be less than alcohol, but it is hard to prevent and treat any addiction if cuts are made or services privatized by regressive governments.

Our unemployment rate is the lowest in decades, mostly full-time jobs. The Conservatives wish to cut infrastructure jobs and clean energy subsidies, foreign aid and United Nations participation, and funding for the nonpartisan CBC while not taxing foreign media as Canadian firms are taxed.

Across our riding over the weekend, hundreds of lawn signs for Liberal candidate Andrea Kaiser were stolen. Dirty tricks by someone; we don’t  know whom. I vote for positive politics, not personal attacks like the Conservatives have used.

The Liberals have accomplished most of their promises from 2015 —but must do more. I trust PM Trudeau and his team, and hope they will be allowed to continue to fight for democracy, wages, justice, interprovincial and world co-operation, for peace and prosperity, including cleaner energy, air, water, earth.

Elizabeth Oliver-Malone