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Feb. 20, 2020 | Thursday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Mandatory voting doesn't feel like democracy
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Dear editor:

I’m not sure I share your concern about voter turnout or your proposed solution, “Voter turnout needs a boost,” editorial, Oct. 24.

In democracies around the world what are the rates of turnout for federal elections? How do we compare? Maybe with these facts we could have a meaningful discussion on that point.

As for mandatory voting, that just doesn’t feel like a democracy to me. People should be free to vote or not vote as they choose.

However, haven taken that stand, I wonder if the Brexit vote would have had a different outcome if everyone had to vote.

The voter turnout for the Remain side was likely low as the polls showed Remain would win the day. We will see if that was the case if there is a December election.

The elephants in the room are the proliferation of fringe parties and the very poor quality of the candidates.

We are too fragmented with all these so-called parties, which reduce the percentage required to win and are inundated with lightweight political hacks from the top down..

Mike Henry