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Aug. 3, 2020 | Monday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Actually, we were here long before the bird bangers
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Dear editor:

I’d like to offer a great big thank you to The Lake Report for your two front page articles on the use of propane-fired cannons to deter predators from vineyards.

How validating it is to have one’s concerns recognized and acknowledged, and not swept under the “it’s a provincial issue” rug.

I found Bill Cochrane Sr.’s letter, “I am OK with bird cannons,” to be insulting and demeaning, on a par with those who suggest that those whose beliefs are different from your own should pack their bags and go back to where they came from.

We built our home in 1975 on land farmed by George Sheppard, a true gentleman.

Tractor sounds early in the morning, voices and vehicles of pickers coming and going from the cherry orchard and mixed fruit and vegetable farm, were all part of the vitality of our neighbourhood. 

It was a time of mutual respect and real affection.

With the transition by a new owner from orchard to vineyard and the accompanying explosions from dawn to dusk and beyond for three months of the year, there is little affection or respect for growers who disrupt their neighbourhoods.  

It is time for this goose to be cooked.

Win Laar