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Aug. 15, 2020 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Mixing pot and hiking a crazy idea
A shot from the "Up in Smoke" movie. (Sourced)

Dear editor:

A front-page article on Dec. 26  in one of NOTL’s community newspapers was headlined, “New adventure tour to pair cannabis and hiking in NOTL.”

This is extremely disappointing. “Hiking and cannabis – the perfect combination?” Please tell me that this is a joke!

For the last two years or so, Owen Bjorgan’s column in our local media have inspired and educated us about the great natural resource that we have right here in the Niagara Region. I have truly appreciated his wealth of knowledge about the great outdoors and the biodiversity in our backyard. 

However, his latest scheme to provide cannabis for his hiking clients is truly beyond comprehension. In fact, it is crazy!

He is quoted as saying that cannabis can help people see nature in a different light or perspective. I can assure him that this will certainly be the case.

Throughout his many columns, Mr. Bjorgan has constantly championed the personal benefits that our natural environment can provide – a healthy natural “high.” Now, his clients will be hiking and puffing pot to escalate that high. How sad. 

In light of the staggering statistics of impaired driving, from alcohol and cannabis, I am shocked that this new venture would even be a consideration.

I would like Mr. Bjorgan to explain the following two quotes to me: “I feel like cannabis and the outdoors pair very well together,” and “I hope they walk out of the forest with a greater appreciation of the biodiversity in Niagara.”

They will be walking out of that forest with a greater appreciation of something, but it will certainly NOT be biodiversity.

For the sake of increased safety on our roads, I would encourage these hiking pot smokers to walk all the way home after their trek through the forest.

Mr. Bjorgan, please reconsider this ill-considered venture, and keep our forests free of pot. 

Buddy Andres