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Sep. 25, 2020 | Friday
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Letter: Reflections on Prince Harry and Meghan
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Dear editor:

On the lighter and less serious side of my following article, let me suggest how Meghan and Harry could find gainful employment in Canada.

Harry would make an excellent sightseeing helicopter pilot in Niagara Falls and would be a tourist boost for the taxpayers.

Megan could publish her memoirs and the book could be titled “The Autobiography of a Gold Digger: How I destroyed the Royal Family, brought it to it’s knees and forced the Queen to acquiesce to my demands.”

I have observed and studied the traits of EVERY gold digger. They follow a predictable pattern.

Meghan exhibits all the quintessential traits of a skilled and consummate gold digger. She is on a mission, has a plan and a timeline. She never intended to reside in the UK. Her endgame is to finish up in Hollywood.

Follow my predictions going forward . Her game plan is a typical gold digger’s playbook.

Step 1: Drive a wedge between your significant others family , specifically the siblings. Mission Accomplished.

Step 2: Distance yourself from daily or regular family contact. How about 4,000 kilometres away in Canada.

Step 3: Find another lame excuse to move from Canada. How does Hollywood sound? In a year at most.

Step 4: Using the royal leverage, land a leading role in a Hollywood-produced film. Two-bit soap opera actors with her new connections would find this a walk in the park. The other wingnuts in Hollywood would swoon over her royal status.

Step 5: Again using the royal leverage, her end game is to get nominated for an Academy Award. She is no Grace Kelly, with an emphasis on “no grace” and, by the way, “no class.”

Step 6: Her final curtain call – dump Harry.

I firmly believe in these events coming to pass. My spouse and I predicted Steps 1, 2 and 3 shortly after she met Harry.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 would be a safe bet, in my humble opinion.

Samuel Young