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Mar. 28, 2020 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Excellent story on Old Town parking mess
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Dear editor:

In your latest edition dated Jan. 30, an excellent article written by Brittany Carter and Dariya Baiguzhiyeva (“In-depth: Queen Street parking a royal mess”) speaks volumes about the broad-based concerns of our local residents.

This is supported by local business interests such as Peter Earle of Halley’s Fashion for Men, whose position I totally support.

We are forever being encouraged to shop locally and support our local merchants, yet, as pointed out, we are discouraged by numerous restrictions which conflict with well-intended support efforts.

For example, and in concert with the  parking time issue addressed in the article, I broached the following with Lord Mayor Betty Disero during the budgeting review process:.

* All senior citizen residents should be issued free parking stickers.

* Increase the free parking times for all residents from one hour to four hours.

 Clearly the current one-hour period is insufficient and does not afford the opportunity to visit the post office, do some shopping or have a coffee, etc.

To my knowledge, council ignored this proposal. All seniors, mostly on fixed incomes, received was increased taxes.

In conclusion, the majority of residents have no sway at town hall – only the self-interested tourism industry, hotel and B&B types.

Which begs the question as we focus more and more on tourist dollars: Where is the saturation point regarding parking etc.? Can we look forward to  parking meters outside every home in residential areas?

Samuel Young