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Apr. 8, 2020 | Wednesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Now is the time to pull together
Newark Neighbours staff receive a donation from The Scottish Loft. (Supplied photo/Simon Bentall)

Dear editor:

With all the worry everyone is currently feeling due to the corona virus pandemic, I felt I would like to write a note just to remind people that a negative can be turned into a positive.

Recently, our landlord informed us that we would need to close our store for possibly up to a month.

We were deeply concerned about the effect it would have on us and our loyal customers.

We had quite a large amount of food that would expire during this time, so we decided to donate it to Newark Neighbours and give something back to our community whilst providing some treats that they don’t normally receive.

We were happy to do this, knowing the food was not going to waste and, hopefully, would be putting a smile on the face of someone in need.

During this uncertain time, please reach out to people in our community, especially the elderly or someone who struggles with mobility.

It feels good to help each other, especially now, when we all feel so helpless. 

This is the time to pull together.

Simon Bentall

The  Scottish Loft