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Aug. 3, 2021 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Pandemic actions smack of dictatorship

The following is a letter to New Democrat MPP Wayne Gates. A copy was submitted to The Lake Report for publication.

Since I have not seen a formal apology on your or any NDP politicians' websites, one has to assume that you are in lockstep with federal leader Jagmeet Singh’s shameful enabling of the treasonous Liberal party’s actions toward Canadian citizens.

Selling out and denying our children a reasonable future of prosperity for a short-term paid sick-leave for a few whiners during a so-called pandemic is a serious danger to what remains of our hard-fought rights and freedoms.

Gagging our elected parliamentary representatives for six months in order to pass bills with a non-emergency agenda smacks of dictatorship.

Of course, it was too late to do anything about this backroom deal. As law-abiding citizens, what means of objection do we have outside of Parliament?

Jennifer Dorfman