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Sep. 24, 2020 | Thursday
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Letter: Let's fix derelict flag pole

Dear editor:

At the corner of Front and Simcoe streets near the entrance to the Fort Mississauga pathway stands a crooked, derelict flag pole, minus the flag.

I know for a fact that it has been this way for at least the past six-plus years I have lived on this corner and I often have wondered, "Why is the pole crooked and where is the flag?"

It is on the boulevard and appears to be on publicly owned land, a few feet from a Parks Canada display about the Fort Mississauga Trail. Maybe it is the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake's flag pole or maybe it belongs to Parks Canada.

Over the past couple of years millions of dollars were spent to refurbish Fort Mississauga and with Canada Day only a few weeks away it would seem a fitting time to straighten up the flag pole and fly both our NOTL and Canadian flags in time for July 1.

C’mon NOTL, let’s fly our flags with great pride.

Ken Porter