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Aug. 7, 2020 | Friday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: MP Baldinelli needs to stand up for seniors

Dear editor:

The following is an open letter to Niagara Falls riding MP Tony Baldinelli.

I draw your attention to a letter to the editor headlined, "Seniors get forgotten, again," which appeared in June 9, 2020, edition of The Lake Report newspaper.

The country's seniors have now received their COVID-19 aid package, a full two months after the announcement date. NOTL, which is part of your constituency, has a senior population of approximately 60 per cent. The letter is crystal clear with respect to the total lack of support in Ottawa to hold the Trudeau government accountable for:

* The commitment that a second COVID-19 aid package may be forthcoming.

* The Liberals' re-election promise to increase Old Age Security and CPP Survivor's Pension payments.

Accordingly, on behalf of  all seniors in your riding, I am urging you draft a written response, via The Lake Report, which is published here in Niagara-on-the Lake, as to your personal position to the two aforementioned bullets, plus your commitment  to raising these concerns in the House of  Commons.

Thus far the silence has been deafening and only reinforces the factual image that seniors, as with the care home fiasco, are expendable and a necessary evil during re-election times only.

I respectfully look forward to a timely and positive response. 


Samuel Young