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Sep. 22, 2020 | Tuesday
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Opinion: Masked locals light up NOTL life
NOTL resident Bill Dickson wears a mask in Hendrik's Valu-mart. (Ross Robinson)

Ross Robinson

Special to The Lake Report

What to do next? I already have my Christmas tree up and my ladder is out of the shed to get the lights twinkling soon. This COVID lifestyle is getting to us all, as we try to fill up the days.  

My social life is so quiet, the trash goes out more than I do.

There are many changes in our lives as we individually and collectively fight this virus. Happily, some NOTL residents can be counted on to buck up our spirits, even as we obediently line up to enter stores and follow the arrows as we shop.

One of my favourite townies is Judy MacLachlan, who has perhaps the smileist smile in Old Town. Her entire face seems to be happy. From behind her mask, she always asks a good question. Not just to ask a question, but because she really wants to hear the answer. There is a big difference, eh?  She lights up my visits to the Valu-marts and the Stage Coach restaurant.

My hockey captain Bill Dickson made me promise not to mention the annual hockey train wreck across the lake in Toronto.  While honouring his request, I still want to wish the overpaid superstars good luck on their golf game. Dem bums in blue and white. The Leaves predictably fell earlier than ever this year, in August. I am confused.

Doug Garrett, now 93 years young, was the most positive person on the course during the NOTL Golf Club's championship weekend. Many of the golfers said they weren’t playing too well, but multiple champion Doug’s constant laugh could be could be heard from behind his mask.

 When he plays, birdie, par or bogey, his smile is real. His motto seems to be, “Smile, and the world wonders what you’re up to.” Has he got another championship in him? I think so. His first win was in 1960. Yes, 1960. That’s 60 years ago, lefties.

And speaking of smiling golfers, my pal Cam Calder always has a cheery thought or two to add to the day’s blessings. Who looks more jaunty driving around town in his way-cool sports car? Masked up, bien sur.

Dawn and Paul Jacot always set the bar high for happiness. Even masked, their enthusiasm for old tunes, golf, running and enjoying the beauty of our town is evident, every single time we chat.

Need a smiling and loud (not too loud, under 55 decibels) cheering section for your next event? Call Dorothy Booth and Claire Bryan, who always have so much fun and laugh so much at the tennis club. You cannot mask enthusiasm. Paraphrasing crooner Debby Boone, way way back in 1977, “They Light Up My Life.”

My across-the-street neighbour Sharon Morrison has the most elegant penmanship in Chautauqua and is always smiling as she does her duties around her home. Summer, autumn, winter or spring. Count on it and she looks so purdy in a mask.

Mask on, brave York Volunteers. We will win this battle.