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Sep. 22, 2020 | Tuesday
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Letter: Angry over firing of mom who defended daughter

Dear editor:

I was upset after reading the article about Elizabeth Beattie getting fired after standing up to the horse carriage protesters and trying to protect her daughter (The Lake Report, Aug. 13).

There are many people to blame for this incident but my frustration and anger lies mostly with Meghan Cousineau for the firing of Beattie and her reasoning behind it.

Defending her daughter is "reflecting poorly on the business." Have you no integrity to look at all facts and carefully look at the video and perhaps have a talk/warning with Beattie instead of taking immediate action?

"We've already been taking some abuse this morning ourselves." Have you no backbone to stand up to a bully's threats? Are you so desperately afraid of losing a few customers versus doing the right thing? And by not doing the right thing, you will lose more customers!

She claims she is unaware of the animal rights activists in NOTL since she is not a resident! I have been a resident for less than two years, coming from the GTA and I have known about the protests for years.

"Protests are supposed to be peaceful. They are supposed to kind of abide by certain rules." No kidding! Tell that to the protesters, which is where the town and regional police force have also dropped the ball.

No one, especially not a 16-year-old, should feel scared at work. Any mother would be "reacting" to her daughter calling in tears.

When will someone with authority step in and take serious action toward the protesters? Maybe once there is a serious injury to a horse by being spooked by them or a person/child gets hurt?

I sympathize with Beattie and the injustice that was done to her, while protester Jason King and his group keep harassing everyone – and Cousineau is worrying about her dealership's lost customers/sales.

Carole Nolin