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Sep. 22, 2020 | Tuesday
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Letter: Two-year sentence in fatal hit-run is a joke

Dear editor:

The two-year prison sentence handed down by Justice Fergus O'Donnell in the fatal hit-and-run by Patrick McCabe, and his attempted cover-up, should elicit a public outcry.

This minimum sentence is a mere slap on the  wrist and is an affront and insult to the family of the deceased, Zenaida. from Mexico.  To set aside the second charge, dangerous driving causing death, is a further embarrassment in this case.

Under Ontario law, the sentencing guidelines can be 14 years in prison. This judge could not have come up with a lesser sentence – shame on him.

McCabe is likely to serve half the time and be released for good behaviour. How can a sentence of two years, for causing the death of an innocent person,  be a deterrent?   It's a joke.  

There should be a law allowing for sentencing judges for gross incompetence.

This reminds me of an old  adage: " A good lawyer knows the law – A great Lawyer knows the judge ."

If proven in a court of law, what sentence can we expect in the case of Aubrey Blake Clements, accused of being drug-impaired in the crash that killed NOTL resident Liz Hawley?

Samuel Young