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Sep. 22, 2020 | Tuesday
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Letter: Canadians need to take pandemic more seriously

Dear editor:

About eight weeks ago, in early July, we boarded a helicopter at the NOTL airport to cross to the Buffalo airport. 

From there we drove and visited family in New York state, then a week of sailing in Maryland, an RV ride to Colorado and eventually a drive back to NOTL. 

Throughout this trip we were very impressed with the mask usage and physical distancing in most of the states in the U.S. There were a few concerning moments but, overall, we felt quite safe.

Before returning to Canada we loaded the “Arrive Canada” app and were well-received at the border crossing. 

We accepted the 14-day quarantine period and were very impressed with the vigilance of the Canada Border Service and their telephone calls on a daily basis, especially in the first week. From our perspective, the government has handled the situation superbly.

The reason for my first-ever letter to any editor is my concern with the frivolous attitude of some people in NOTL. 

At midday we started our first morning out of COVID-19 jail with a drive along Queen Street and could not believe the number of people in close proximity with no masks.

I then went with a mask to purchase a propane refill at one of the local gas stations and was ridiculed by a maskless customer leaving the booth when I refused to go anywhere near him. We were both about the same age (mid-70s).

NOTL, Niagara region, Ontario, Canada, we must start taking this pandemic seriously. 

So many of us have been ridiculing the United States for its large number of cases and deaths. 

If we do not treat this situation more seriously our second and/or third wave could be devastating and we now have too much debt to overcome the potential calamity.

Simone and Graham Webb