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Sep. 22, 2020 | Tuesday
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Letter: Protesters are bullies wreaking havoc

Dear editor:

Where is the line drawn on the anti-carriage protests in NOTL?

Like most people in town I am sick and tired of these agitators invading our town each weekend in order to further their own personal agenda.

Their “cause,” if there really is one, has got lost in the melee. Right now I really have no idea what their purpose is other than to cause havoc and to bully and browbeat our townsfolk.

I think we can all agree this has escalated far beyond anything anyone can call a “protest.” It has become, in fact, bullies trying to take over our town.

My question is; When did their right to freedom of speech override our right to live a peaceful life in our town. Where is the line?

When valiant members of our community took to the streets in support of our wonderful carriages they were termed “counter protesters,” a most inaccurate title. They are, in fact, our freedom fighters.

These freedom fighters are fighting for far more than the carriages, horses and owners. They are fighting to take our town back.

They are the ones standing up for our rights as members of this community. We have worked long and hard for our homes and lives here, and we should not be held hostage by a bunch of outside rabble rousers who invade our community for their own purpose.

As I understand, it they seem to be “professional protesters” as a number of the Stop Child Abuse protesters the other weekend were, in fact, the same people. Has Niagara-on-the-Lake become Protest Central?

This has to stop. We must find ways for the entire community, and region, if that’s what it takes, to get behind our valiant freedom fighters and take back our town and our community.

Sign me up.

Syme Jago