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Oct. 29, 2020 | Thursday
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Letter: A new appreciation for heritage trail improvements

Dear editor:

When the machines showed up to pave the natural trail behind my place, I was aghast! 

But since then, I have been impressed by the increased activity on the Upper Canada Heritage Trail and the many delighted people with their children and dogs.

So now, I can grudgingly appreciate this new reality.  

However, we must retain the natural trail setting that follows south from Charlotte to the East and West Line. This section of the trail is more rural. It is an easy, level natural path, but it requires a little more effort to track. 

This increased effort is important to enhance our heart rate, our heart blood volume, our lung function and capacity, our neural pathways, our ligaments, our muscles, our brain co-ordination and our mental outlook. 

Puddles and roots and stones and mud and tufts of grass are only mild obstacles and our brains thrive on resolving them. I’m 80 and I know I need this. Get some walk-anywhere boots and you are good to go.

The cutting down of healthy trees in their natural setting was an egregious event and the perpetrators should be banished from the herd (maybe, I guess). 

Those trees were just doing their natural carbon thing; abiding and providing us all with restorative vitamin tree.

Brian Emes