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Nov. 26, 2020 | Thursday
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Letter: Public criticism of volunteers unwarranted

Dear editor:

As a longtime resident of Chautauqua (50 years), and a past member and president of our residents association, I feel compelled to respond to the submission in the Oct. 29 edition of The Lake Report headlined “Trouble in Paradise.”

Our neighbourhood association, which has been active since 1952, has had a very positive working relationship with our town council over all these years. Issues that have been dealt with successfully include sewers, roads, traffic, the Project Niagara music festival, lakeshore erosion at Ryerson Park, and many more.

Our fun events include the annual corn roast, the neighbourhood golf tournament and the Christmas Stroll. Chautauqua is truly a unique and wonderful place to live.

The sunsets at Ryerson Park are second to none and therein lies part of the problem. The issues surrounding this area as described in The Lake Report submission are certainly valid.

The extreme popularity of this park and the beach, with only five official parking spots, is at the root of the problem. During this "pandemic summer," the residents closest to the park have been truly overwhelmed with illegal parking, traffic congestion and much more.

The concerns and complaints of the residents are legitimate and must be dealt with. However, issues as complex as this in our tiny neighbourhood are not resolved overnight. In the meantime, it is very unfortunate that one must resort to public criticism of our present board of directors, as they wrestle with these problems.

Our CRA executive is composed of well-intentioned neighbourhood residents who volunteer their time and efforts on behalf of the entire Chautauqua area. Through consultation with town staff and other agencies, these issues can be and will be resolved. Public criticism of volunteers, is simply unwarranted.

Buddy Andres