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Jan. 18, 2021 | Monday
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Letter: Always get quotes in writing

Dear editor:

During COVID times we all had the opportunity to do some home improvements, whether it be plumbing, yard work etc. Those who are handy do it themselves. Those who are not call the "experts."

My personal objective was simple: look for a local advertiser and choose and support local business. This I did.

All appeared fine but being under the COVID spell, I accepted a verbal quote for work to be done in my home. I am penning this note to remind everyone to get a work contract in writing.

I knew better than to accept a verbal agreement but blindly relied and trusted my chosen local expert. In hindsight, a reputable company would have automatically issued a written agreement for both parties to review and sign.

What was agreed upon verbally was never completed and full payment was still expected. What transpired due to not having a written contract led to a lien on my property and lawyer litigation.

Just a reminder to all of us that "times are different today" and unfortunately not every business practises honesty and integrity. Save yourself a headache and get everything in writing.

Be smart and be safe.

Raquel Bignucolo