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May. 8, 2021 | Saturday
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Letter: Dog owners leaving poop bags all over golf course

Dear editor:

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Course has come through the winter in perfect condition. We now have staff in and have begun to get things ready for opening day.

However, something we have been seeing out on the course this year is not good. I mentioned this last year and, to be honest, it’s way worse this year.

People are picking up there dog poop but leaving the little bags all over the golf course. Many bags have just been left behind and, in some cases, people have been throwing them over our new fence at the shop and their bags end up on cart roofs.

People have to remember that this is not a dog park – it’s a golf course. If this keeps up we will seriously think about not allowing dogs any more.
I hate saying that but it’s not acceptable to just throw your dog bags anywhere out there.

It’s a pretty nice place to walk and let your dogs play. Please pick up after your pet and properly dispose of it.

Mike Magwood


NOTL Golf Club