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May. 8, 2021 | Saturday
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Letter: Niagara Health vaccine booking was smooth sailing

Dear editor:

We’ve all seen, heard and read a lot (too much?) about Canada’s COVID vaccination situation – most of it negative.

I shouldn’t comment on the macro elements of vaccine supply, federal government contracts, vaccine types and vaccine approvals. I’ll leave that to the experts and claimed-experts.

But maybe a small word of praise might help. I recently used Niagara Health’s online vaccination booking system.

It was extremely efficient providing immediate information on where you are in their queue, how long the projected wait time is and even the comfort of a wee guy strolling across the screen to show you how the lineup is moving.

In my case, the promised wait time: 15 minutes. And guess what – no fake news. 15 minutes, it was.

Once you’re in, basically all that’s needed are some numbers from your health card and away you go. Plus, you even get to choose your date, time and location. I’ll settle for that. 

Congrats to whichever Niagara Health department or staff designed the system – or successfully scrounged it from wherever. Some welcome good news.

Steve Ferley