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Nov. 29, 2021 | Monday
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Letter -- Traffic light needed at Anderson and Niagara Stone Rd.

Dear editor:

A good start: The all-way stop at Queen and Mississagua street took long enough to plan and actually execute, but it has added to safety for all concerned. Thank you.

I see the town is adding a three-way stop at the intersection at Anderson Lane and the entrance to the library and community centre.

What about stop lights at the Niagara Stone Road and Anderson Lane intersection, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Region of Niagara?

The community centre is reopening and this is a dangerous, busy crossing.

Involved here are pedestrians going to the housing across the road, cyclists trying to turn and cars exiting to go either way. And this is the exit for fire trucks leaving the fire hall beside the community centre.

Lights would slow the cars racing down from the 70 km/h zone at the previous lights to the 50 km/h requirement in Old Town.

There is a long stretch from Garrison Village to Mary Street and speeding is an issue.The speed monitors really don’t slow the traffic. Lights are more effective.

Surely safety-minded citizens would like to see these put in.

Sheila Doyle