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Nov. 30, 2021 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Homeowner now surrounded by short-term rentals

Dear editor:

I concur 100 per cent-plus, with your analysis of the "absent landlord short-term rentals" (editorial, Sept. 23, "Too much industry influence.")

Clearly, as I have previously suggested, our town council is solidly in the hip pocket of this industry and is unlikely to listen to your or the resident taxpayers' opinions of the problems and suggested solutions.

Since moving to NOTL 16 years ago, I am now surrounded by rentals. Talk about hollowing out a community: I live it every day and it's getting worse.

Why for example can a home go up for sale – in most instances, bought by out-of-town buyers, and without any lawn sign posting alerting neighbouring residents that it will be a rental property. 

Surprise, you have another rental and no means to challenge the conversion. This happens with regularity.

A rental party next door is planning to operate a nail salon in the basement. What next?

Perhaps there will be a major blowback at the next council election. There are too many self-interested parties on council.

Keep up the excellent reporting.

Samuel Young